Chino Hills Indoor Boot Camp – Post Metabolic Burn Sessions
Post Metabolic Burn Sessions
Post Metabolic Burn Sessions

Our Chino Boot Camp sessions are uniquely designed to burn off as much fat as possible while building sexy lean muscle every single session. By combing multi-joint functional training exercises with a special twist, we are able to keep your metabolism burning fat for up to 18 hours after your workout.


Unlike a majority of Bootcamps in Chino Hills that are held in a warehouse, our gym has been custom built by our family to be able to provide you with endless out-of-the-box workouts. Our workouts are truly never the same and that means your weight loss will never plateaus.


We hold classes 6 days a week and every class is focused on specific muscle groups with the emphasis being on fat loss. We implement weight training, core training, caveman training, boxing, kickboxing, kettle-bell training, body weight exercises, strength training, plyometrics, cross
training, cardiovascular training and much more !

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