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Mark & Al HaroHi my Name is Mark Haro and I am the owner of Chino Hills Indoor Boot Camp! I want you to watch this video and see how my son Albert and I have helped hundreds of Chino residents lose weight, gain lean muscle, become healthier, feel more confident, feel younger and improve the overall quality of their life! Call 909-465-0750 today and get into the best shape of your life.




Christina Binkowski

Having my two children was the greatest blessing of my life, but I felt it very difficult to maintain my fitness.  Chino Hills Indoor Boot Camp offered me a workout plan that worked within my busy schedule.  This boot camp in chino has allowed me to regain the look I want.  I have  lost 22 pounds, I feel better and look better and it was all made possible thanks to Mark & Albert !  - Christina


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Daren ThompsonI had a gym membership at 24 hour fitness for three years before I started going to Chino Hills Boot Camp. It was difficult for me to have a workout regiment to stick to because of this I never saw results.  A year ago I saw an ad about the chino boot camp and decided I would give it a shot.  Immediately I was hooked on the type of workouts offered here. You go at your own pace, so you chose the intensity.    The success of my workouts no longer rest on my shoulders.  I know if I show up I’m going to get a top notch workout.  I have lost 50 pounds of fat ! – Darren






Patty LuiMy name is Patty as I have aged I witnessed a negative transformation of my body.  I went from being a fit woman to losing all grip on my fitness.  I was hating what I saw in the mirror and I wanted to change that.  When I first started at the Next Level I was worried about how it would be and what the people would be like.  My worries were put at ease almost right away by Mark who welcomed me into the Next Level family.  After two years now at the Next Level I witnessed a new transformation of my body.  I can now see that fit woman that I used to be and I am happier and healthier than ever.





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Robert BrantleyMy name is Robert and about six months ago after tucking my kids into bed, I walked by my bathroom mirror without a shirt on and was shocked by what I saw.  I overweight and out of shape.  I asked myself what happened to the high school linebacker I used to be?  It was at that point I realized I needed help.  A friend introduced me to the Chino Hill Indoor Boot camp and I can honestly say the boot camp classes, run by Mark and Albert Haro have changed my life.  I have dropped 25 pounds of fat – Robert 














Dalia MorrellMy name is Dalia and as I have gotten older my diet and nutrition has progressively gotten worse and worse.  After a doctor’s appointment two years ago I received very bad news that I was extremely out of shape and at risk for health problems. The doctor said if I didn’t make a serious life change, I was on the road to disaster. This was an awakening for me and I decided to take action. I have been at the Next Level for over a year now and have lost 50 pounds!  I returned to the doctor a different person and received news that I was no longer a “walking heart attack waiting to happen.” This boot camp in Chino Hills  saved my life! – Dalia









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My name is Raul and I am a 39 year old man.  In the past year I received scary news from my doctor that I was pre diabetic.  My eating habits became out of control.  And my physical fitness was almost nonexistent.  The diagnosis by my doctor lit a fire under me to get my life back in order.  When I walked into the Chino Hills Indoor Boot Camp for the first time I had no idea what to expect.  However, Mark was there to give me a warm welcome and my experience started off on a great foot. Mark and his younger son Albert know their stuff.  I returned to the doctor and received the wonderful news that I was no longer pre diabetic, and this was all due in part to the Chino boot camp ! -











Rowena Ana

My name is Rowena and I am a wife and mother.  My husband began coming to the Next Level a few years ago and he would come home and tell about his awesome workouts.  I finally decided to try it out for myself.  The indoor boot camp class by far provides me the best workouts I have ever had.  The best part about them is you can set your own pace.  The workouts are as intense as you make them.  I started coming to the Next Level 5 months ago, and I have lost 19 pounds and I feel great.  Mark helped me realize how important fitness and nutrition is in my life – Rowena 

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